US-Wakanda Center for Citizen Diplomacy and Human Security

For individuals and communities who aspire to follow the Wakanda way to transcend Racism, Injustice and the Killmongers


The Muir Consciousness

Those of us involved with UWCCDHS subscribe to the state of consciousness exemplified by the following:  “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.” John Muir

UWCCDHS Explained

UWCCDHS fosters Human Security symmetry to National Security programs and infrastructure.

The Wakanda Code

An outsider’s understanding of the overriding philosophy governing Wakanda society, as taught to the author by a former Dora Milaje, a member of a group of undercover operatives serving as teachers in our world. Complete, Prosperous and Successful: A Guide To Ethics For All People

Citizen Diplomacy is Non-Governmental

We note with interest at the conclusion of the Black Panther film that a (Wakanda government) Outreach Office is planned for Compton, California. We trust that those responsible for the Black Panther film will understand that citizen to citizen diplomacy is non-governmental and would be separate and distinct from the Wakanda Government to Compton Outreach Office.

Citizen Diplomacy Experience

Previous experience of member(s) of our organization with citizen diplomacy is documented at these links and elsewhere on the world wide web:

The Power of Impossible Ideas

The reader may also see the book “The Power of Impossible Ideas” by Sharon Tennison as an example of the importance of Citizen Diplomacy, imagining the impossible, and breaking out of outmoded methods of thinking.

Citizen Diplomacy General Information

Human Security General Information

In addition to educating yourself about Human Security, please realize that education unites all forms and applications of Human Security.  We look forward to the day when our Human Security and education infrastructure is as active and robust as the military-industrial-political-financial-media-petrochemical-pharma medical complex that currently dominates.

Dedicated to One of Many Undercover Wakanda Teachers In Our World, A Wakanda Girl,
Amanda – Helping Mankind Understand That All Are Loved – Loveable – Worthy of Love